7 Events You Have To See at ASU’s Open Door @ Downtown Phoenix Campus

Mark your calendars! Arizona State University’s Open Door event is back at ASU’s Downtown Phoenix campus, and there is so much fun in store!

Everyone is welcome to explore ASU’s Downtown Phoenix campus during Open Door from 1 to 5 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 8. Here are seven activities not to miss.

Hands-On Robotics with ASU Prep Phoenix

ASU Preparatory Academy, a high school chartered by ASU, is located right by the ASU Downtown Phoenix campus. Come drive a robot while talking to our robotics and engineering students about how they program them and make them work.

Zone B: Downtown Phoenix | Cronkite/8 (CRONK) | First Floor | 121

Arizona PBS Living Room

Arizona PBS, located in the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, invites you to our living room where we will be streaming live PBS KIDS programming. Kids can sit on the living room rug and enjoy some of their favorite shows like “Arthur,” “Dinosaur Train,” “Let’s Go Luna” and many more! They will get to see the place that streams their favorite shows in real life!

Zone B: Downtown Phoenix | Cronkite/8 (CRONK) | Sixth Floor | Studio A

Create Matter as a Mad Scientist!

In a matter of seconds, our organic chemists mix solutions to create industrial-quality nylon threads, and you can make them, too — all of our chemists are eager to assist you. Also, you’ll get to explore how large-scale production could contribute to the decline of our world’s beautiful coral reefs. Gloves will be provided, but no need to worry — our chemistry lab students use these solutions all the time.

Zone B: Downtown Phoenix | University Center (UCENT) | Third Floor | 379

Who’s Hiding in the Coral Reef?

At this event, search for tropical fish, colorful anemones, feisty crabs and prickly urchins in our beautiful 175-gallon saltwater aquarium! Interact with marine animals, learn about the changes in the reef environment and explore different solutions that address the coral reef decline caused by global warming.

Zone B: Downtown Phoenix | University Center (UCENT) | Third Floor | 375

Groovy Communication Game

Are you ready for a Groovy Communication Game Show? Stop by for a trip to groovier times and participate in a far-out game about how humans communicate in the new decade. Test your knowledge on fun facts and some misconceptions about human communication! There will be questions for both children and adults, so everyone is able to participate. Get ready for some light and sound effects to bring out your game-show spirit. All winners could take home a prize!

Zone B: Downtown Phoenix | University Center (UCENT) | First Floor | UCENT Lobby

Homemade Lava Lamps!

Visit the Housing Table where we will be making homemade lava lamps! A fun combination of water bottles, food coloring and fizzy tablets will make lava lamp style entertainment!

Zone A: Downtown Phoenix | Post Office (POST) Outdoors | Building Patio

Microbes: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Explore the microbes that live on and in you. Learn how they can keep you healthy or make you sick. Investigate the effects of antibiotics on bacterial growth and discover how bacteria become resistant to them. Learn how to culture microbes safely in the laboratory, and see real microbes magnified over 1,000 times their actual size! Finally, observe the effects of molds and bacteria on common food items and see how they’re used in industrial applications.

Zone B: Downtown Phoenix | University Center (UCENT) | Third Floor | 360C

There will be so much more to see at this year’s Open Door on ASU’s Downtown Phoenix campus! Mark your calendars for this exciting event!

More information

ASU Open Door @ Downtown Phoenix offers interactive activities, tours and a behind-the-scenes look into what powers a world-class university. Tour the Cronkite School’s state-of-the-art media complex, check out the College of Health Solutions nutrition kitchen, investigate cadavers, create your own kid-friendly comic strip and get a glimpse of the Beus Center for Law and Society, home to ASU’s Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law. Whether your dream is to work in health, be a news reporter or be a future public service leader, ASU Open Door @ Downtown Phoenix is pure family fun.

Visit the Open Door website to find a full list of activities, map of the event and details on where to park, dining options, and more! Don’t forget to download your free tickets before arriving.

JOIN US: 1–5 p.m., Saturday, Feb. 8, 2020

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