7 Must-See Events at ASU’s Open Door @ Polytechnic Campus

Are you ready for Open Door at Arizona State University’s Polytechnic campus? We sure hope you are!

The final ASU Open Door event of 2020 will be happening soon! Mark your calendars — ASU Open Door @ Polytechnic campus will take place from 1 to 5 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 29. Here are seven things not to miss.

Giggles, smiles, eye contact and laughter often produce social growth. Guests will learn about social growth and emotional health as they play with fun slime! What makes this event even better? The slime is edible! We encourage everyone to take their slime home to continue the fun with their families.

Zone B: Polytechnic | Applied Arts Pavilion (AAPAV) | First Floor | Black Box Theater Lobby

Have you ever wondered how far and fast a rocket can fly? With the help of our ASU Physics instructors, build a model rocket, learn the physics behind it, launch it and compete against a friend or family member to see how fast and how far yours can fly! Prizes will be given to the winner!

Zone A: Polytechnic | Santan Hall (SANTN) | Second Floor | 210

Why do you get shocked when flipping the light switch in a room with a carpet? Come feel this spark from a Van de Graaff and let an ASU Physics instructor demonstrate the science behind it. Our Van de Graaff generator will create sparks about 10 to 12 inches long. Perfectly safe and fun for all ages!

Zone A: Polytechnic | Santan Hall (SANTN) | Second Floor | 210

Visitors will see demonstrations of flight in several types of flight simulators used to train pilots. Desktop flight simulators will be available for participants to use to learn how airplanes take off and land!

Zone C: Polytechnic | Simulator Building (SIM) | First Floor | 139, 141, 144

Are your taste buds up for a challenge? Stop by the soda tasting booth to see if you can identify certain sodas!

Zone A: Polytechnic | Agribusiness Center (AGBC) | First Floor | Main Lobby

Find out what it’s like to be an air traffic controller at the ASU Aviation Programs air traffic control simulators. Visitors will see how air traffic control unfolds at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and learn how air traffic controllers keep thousands of airplanes safe every day.

Zone C: Polytechnic | Simulator Building (SIM) | Second Floor | 264/225

Come join us to explore optical illusions with concave and convex mirrors. Have you ever wondered why your image changes when you look at yourself in a concave or convex mirror? With the help of a Physics instructor, find out how far you can stand in front of a concave mirror before your image disappears. This activity is super fun for all ages!

Zone A: Polytechnic | Santan Hall (SANTN) | Second Floor | 210

Make sure you don’t miss ASU Open Door at ASU’s Polytechnic campus! This is the last one of the year!

More information

ASU Open Door @ Polytechnic offers a behind-the-scenes look into ASU’s state-of-the-art labs and learning environments. Come experience flight simulators, air traffic control simulators, the wonders of algae, and new-age cars — plus, play classic video games and enjoy dance and theater performances.

Visit the Open Door website to find a full list of activities, map of the event and details on where to park, dining options, and more! Don’t forget to download your free tickets before arriving.

JOIN US: 1–5 p.m., Saturday, Feb. 29, 2020

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