Rolf Halden, director of ASU’s Center for Environmental Security, works with doctoral candidates Kristin McClellan (left) and Elizabeth Adams.(Photo: Arizona State University)

ASU professor’s environmental toxins research translates into public health benefits

For Rolf Halden, every day is Earth Day.

You may be hard-pressed to find a professional willing to dirty his hands so much to help the earth and its inhabitants as Rolf Halden.

Rolf Halden discusses the Human Health Observatory.

“Banning bad chemicals makes common sense,” Halden asserts. “It’s good for the consumer and it reduces liability for the industry.”

Patented solutions

“Ultimately, prevention of disease will return a much higher value than trying to cure it,” Halden says.

“Fourteen years is, of course, much too long,” he says. “As academics, we need to find a way to communicate our message more effectively and to work more closely with industry and other stakeholders to improve chemical design and consumer safety.”

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