Iconic Arizona sunsets are the crowning jewel to any photo.

Best places at ASU to take pictures

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4 min readApr 11, 2018


It’s time to showcase your smile all over your social media accounts and time to flood the timelines of your family and friends with the perfect caption you’ve saved in your notes for this very moment.

You’ve already picked out two or three flawless outfits, BUT…where are you going to take your photos?

You need that stunning backdrop, something that won’t wash out your outfit or isn’t too busy.

Well, we’ve got you covered. We’ve made a top 10 list of the best places on our ASU campuses to take pictures.

Palm Walk at ASU Tempe campus

One of the most photographed places on ASU’s Tempe campus, it just wouldn’t be right if Palm Walk didn’t make our list. Palm Walk is one of the most iconic and historical landmarks on ASU with 110 palm trees aligning both sides of the path. These palm trees present a perfect backdrop at any time of day, especially during sunset.

ASU West campus entrance

Any ASU student who has set foot on ASU’s West Valley campus will be able to tell you that there are hidden gems here for the perfect photo opportunity. The entrance to the West Valley campus showcases a beautiful backdrop full of trees and greenery, complete with the Arizona State University name engraved into concrete bricks.

Entrance to ASU West Valley campus.

Civic Space Park at ASU Downtown Phoenix campus

Civic Space Park really encompasses the beauty of the ASU Downtown Phoenix campus. Depending on the lens your photographer uses, you’re able to get the Cronkite building, University Center and Taylor Mall as your backdrop!

Civic Space Park, ASU Downtown Phoenix campus.

Civic Space Park is also gorgeous at night when the city lights up. This urban background with accents of greenery is an excellent place to take visually appealing pictures your friends and family will adore!

Civic Space Park, ASU Downtown Phoenix campus.

Old Main at ASU Tempe campus

Old Main on the Tempe campus is the classic place to have photo shoots. Who wouldn’t want to pose in front of Old Main’s vibrant fountain and the greenery that surrounds the oldest building on ASU Tempe campus?

Mercado at ASU Downtown Phoenix campus

Mercado is located on the ASU Downtown Phoenix campus. It is comprised of six Spanish-style buildings that don’t quite fit in with the rest of the urban architecture downtown. These unique buildings are often full of life when classes are in session, but, otherwise, you won’t have to worry about crowds.

Mercado ASU Downtown Phoenix.

University Bridge at Tempe campus

Whether you’re driving or walking down University Drive, the University Bridge is hard to miss. The University Bridge connects students on the north side to central campus and is also the ideal place to take photos during a sunset for that perfect silhouette.

Nelson Fine Arts Center at ASU Tempe campus

One of the more unique places on Tempe campus would be the Nelson Fine Arts Center. The abstract architecture will add a different edge to your photos!

ASU Polytechnic campus

ASU’s Polytechnic campus has so many hidden gems that it is hard to pick just one. Whether you are looking for spectacular sunsets, modern architecture or the beauty of a desert landscape in full bloom, ASU Poly has something to offer.

Paley Gates at ASU West Valley campus

The Paley Gates at ASU’s West Valley campus are an iconic part of the architecture of this campus. Not only that, but they are intricately tied to ASU’s graduation season: All graduating seniors walk through these gates on their way to their convocation ceremony, just like they did during Welcome Week their first year on campus.

Gammage Auditorium at ASU Tempe campus

Considered by many to be the crown jewel of Tempe campus, this Frank Lloyd Wright-designed auditorium is a perfect venue for pictures.

Gammage’s beautiful architecture is a perfect backdrop, be it at the pedestrian ramps leading up to the venue or just with a clear blue sky and the charming auditorium as the backdrop — this is a must-have location!

ASU Gammage.

What locations did we miss? Let us know in the comments!



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