How to wear your undergraduate cap and gown for graduation

Congratulations! You’ve made it through the homework, lectures and tests — and you’ve learned to thrive!

Whether you’re graduating with a bachelor’s or master’s degree, figuring out how to wear your cap and gown might just be your most mind-boggling moment at Arizona State University. But don’t let wardrobe confusion get in the way of your proud day. Read on for tips on how to wear your cap and gown.

Hang up your gown on a hanger ASAP! Remember how your mom always got upset when your clothes were spewed all over your bed? Well, she was onto something. If you only get one thing off your bed, make sure it’s your graduation gown.

Only cool iron or steam your gown. Do not wash or dry clean it. After all, no one wants a wrinkled — or worse — shrunk gown!

The zipper goes up front. (It’s so much easier that way! No contortions needed.)

The hemline should fall below the knee and above the ankle. The good news is flats or heels don’t affect the hemline.

Put on your graduation stole first, followed by the cords (worn over the stole). Because you’re so awesome, you probably have a lot of medals, which go over the cords.

Make sure your regalia is even so everyone can see all you’ve achieved!

The crown of the cap faces forward. You’re practically royalty today, so make sure you’re rocking your crown!

The bottom of the cap should be 1 inch above your eyebrows, and the mortarboard should be flat and level with the floor.

The tassel needs to be on the right, near your temple. When you receive your diploma you and your fellow graduates can move the tassel to the left in unison!

Now happy dance!

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